Корзина пуста

Активные туры на Алтай, Саяны, Камчатку, Байкал

In the wake of Northern lights

Departures: 6 - 11 february, 22 - 27 march 2018 years

Type: travel, photo-tour, family trip
Location:  Russian North, Murmansk area
Duration:  6 days
Price for tourist:  1235 $

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Tour Description:

Day 1. Meeting at Murmansk

Meeting at airport. After  check into a hotel. Meeting with city – city of north and history about discover Arctica and expedition of north.  Icebreaker “Lenin”, Monument to Waiting Woman etc.

"Lenin" is the first nuclear icebreaker in the world, which at that time had no analogues! The miracle of Soviet engineering has become a real breakthrough in the exploration and development of the Arctic.

In the evening - preparation for photo-hunting)

Day 2. National Saami village.

In the Murmansk region live the people of Saami - the indigenous population of the Kola Peninsula. Today we will go to the Saami Village and get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the Sami reindeer herders, and also spend an excellent time together with the funny and kind reindeer. And also we will see nature of north Russia – many lakes. On of them – Lovozero. At night we will sleep at Saami village. At ethnic home.

Day 3. Lapland reserve nature area.

A few word about Lapland Reserve: Kola Peninsula, as a source of rich natural resources, attracted the attention of researchers in the 20-30 years of the XX century. During this period, about 400 different expeditions worked on our northern expanses: geological-mineralogical, scientific-commercial, soil-botanical, anthropological and ethnographic, and others. In 1928-29, in the territory of the future reserve, a wild reindeer was recorded, 95 animals were found, and a description of the vegetation was compiled by the expedition of G.D. Richter.

We will visit this reserve, introduce with nature and cultural riches of this territory.  By the evening we will return at Murmansk and continue our photo-hunting for Northern Lights.

Day 4 - 5. The coast of Arctic ocean

This morning we are going to Teriberka - a settlement on the shore of the Barents Sea.

Most of the best photo about Northern Lights made exactly here. About this place can tell better photo from this)

Here we will dive into wild nature, have a rest from noise of civilization and see Northern Lights.

Day 6.  Homebording.

Our trip is finish, but you will have incredible moment, many photo for memory and warm company at Russia. We will wait you again.

Transfer to airport. Good bye Russia. See you again!


What's included:

- meeting at airport Murmansk – in the begining;

- booking the best hotel in Murmansk – Discovery Murmansk for 3 nights;

- private transfer per all travel with driver;

- ticket for visit museum “Lenin” icebreaker, Saami village, Lapland nature reserve,

- 3 times food per every day;

- national dinner at saami village;

- booking hotel at Teriberka for 2 nights;

- booking hotel at saami village for 1 nights;

- transfer to airport at the end of traveling;

- English speaking guide for all traveling